Aims & scope


“Creatio Fantastica” is a biannual academic journal publishing texts covering literary, cinematic, media, cultural, game, philosophical, and interdisciplinary research in the broadly understood fantastic, fantasy & science fiction across media. Contributions are accepted continuously, although adherence to the journal’s calls for papers will be much appreciated.


The exceptionality of “CF” is captured by the journal’s commitment to publish both full issues of open access academic journal (covering scholarly articles, reviews of academic monographs, and conversations with scholars on topics ranging across all possible kinds of representations of science-fiction and fantasy in literature, new media, and culture) and, simultaneously, Polish reviews of books, movies, TV series, graphic novels, games, or interviews on the web portal. “CF” regularly publishes literary texts, contributed by the established as well as debuting authors, particularly encouraging contributions from young writers who have the greatest potential to open new literary directions. Consequently, “Creatio Fantastica” is one of the very few venues, both in Poland but also internationally, that bring together fantastic literature, popular culture, and scholarly texts—continuously available in open access and free of any charge.

“Creatio Fantastica” also promotes many literary, cultural, and scientific undertakings. Consequently, “CF” allows a multitude of fantasy and science fiction representations to coincide, thus reminding both the public and scholars alike that these genres, despite their unceasing popularity, remain complex phenomena that require serious and multi-faceted reflection.

Journal’s sections


“Creatio Fantastica” welcomes contributions of academic articles amounting to at least 20,000 characters with spaces. Scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles, written by scholars or professionals considered experts in their fields, should present results of original empirical, theoretical, scientific, or analytic research. All the submitted texts should reference source materials as well as display extensive knowledge of the literature on the subject.


Reviews of scholarly monographs and collections of essays are subject to the same rules as in the case of articles and they should likewise amount to at least 20,000 characters with spaces.


At “Creatio Fantastica”, we have formed a tradition of hosting so-called ‚conversations of the issue’ which are meant to be a written record of a virtual panel talk held by both our editors and invited guests. The intention is not to be a multi-authored contribution or a staged contribution, but a record of a small academic debate allowing for a more vivid and dynamic exchange of ideas that the one occurring within various constraints of typical scholarly articles.


“Creatio Fantastica” issues are complemented with a literary section with internally reviewed short stories contributed in response to literary contests announced twice a year. Short stories are not subjected to indexation in academic databases and are an homage to the literary traditions of the journal going back to 2005.


Even though “Creatio Fantastica” is an interdisciplinary journal, its scope is pivoted around three leading disciplines: Cultural Studies; Interdisciplinary research in the Humanities; Philosophy.


Prior to submitting any kind of text for consideration, the Authors are kindly asked to consult the journal’s stylesheet and reviewing procedure as well as the ethical standards approved by the editorial board.